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Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

If you have decided to organize a beach wedding you must make sure that everything regarding your wedding matches and respects this theme. The wedding cake is a very important part in any kind and themed wedding.

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No matter if you are having a beach wedding, an autumn wedding or any other wedding theme; the wedding cake will still be the culinary highlight of your wedding. If you do not know how you want your beach themed wedding cake to look like, we might have some ideas and suggestions that could inspire you.

Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

Sandcastel Wedding Cake from

No matter if you choose tower cakes, sheet cakes or shaped cakes, it is only important that the wedding cake matches the purpose and reflects the theme and style of the celebration. Beach themed wedding cakes should always include elements that suggest this theme, like sandcastles, seagulls, lighthouses, sun, sea shells, starfish, palms, sun umbrellas and the colors you should choose should be sand yellow and deep blue or turquoise (this will remind you of the beaches and the sea).

Nothing reminds more of beaches, sea and sun than a sandcastle. So why shouldn’t you choose to have a beach themed wedding cake shaped like a sandcastle. A sandcastle wedding cake is harder to make than the normal ones but if you know a skilled baker it will probably will no problem for him to bake you one. Using sand brown and yellow colors the castle will look as if it was made out of real sand. Add some beach themed decorations (like maybe sea shells or starfish) and write “Just married” in the sand and no one of your guests will believe that it is a real and delicious wedding cake. Another great idea for a beach themed wedding cake is to have a lighthouse cake. The lighthouse wedding cake could be surrounded by sand and water. The lighthouse cake should be colored in red and white stripes. This will make a great contrast to the deep blue or turquoise of the sea and the sandy tones of the beach.

Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

Lighthouse Wedding Cake from

You could also have beach themed wedding cake shaped as a star fish, a sea horse, a seashell or like the sun. These are very simple to make wedding cakes but they can still create the atmosphere you like and remind you of beaches and sun. Although simple, these wedding cakes can be elegant and beautiful, or if your wedding will be more casual and informal, they could be funny and adorable. Make your sea horse cake smile and all your guests will smile when seeing it. Why not having a beach themed wedding cake shape like a beach? All you need is a base colored in sandy tones and in deep blue or turquoise (these will remind everyone of the sandy beaches and the sea). Put some palms and maybe a hammock or some sun loungers and your perfect beach themed wedding cake. If you choose one of these beach themed wedding cakes you will surely impress your guests. They will be speechless of admiration and will appreciate your creativity.11

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