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Exotic Wedding Cakes

Now that the number of brides and grooms who choose to wed far away on a tropical island is constantly growing, we thought that it would be clever to bring her more info on exotic wedding themes. And there is no better modality to enhance the charm of a tropical theme than through the wedding cake. This confection seems like the perfect medium to express your taste in style, flavor and elegance. The wedding cake is the heart of the wedding party. The bride dominates the ceremony with her gorgeous white lavish look, but the cake rules the evening reception party. You can choose an exotic flavor or an exotic color-scheme for the cake.

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Or, you can focus on both these styles, depending on your own vision. We are big fans of exotic wedding cakes because they’re eye-catchy and extremely sensual. It’s not mandatory to be a destination wedding. You can adopt this theme anywhere in your local area. If you leave by the sea or have a small beach in your local area, go for it. But those who love the seaside but don’t have the opportunity to travel to the nearest can still use this theme for their wedding. You have many options now when it comes to designing your own exotic wedding in your favorite location. It can be a beach or a backyard. You can wed in a garden or even on an open field and create a magical space for your guests and make them feel like they’re close to the waves of the sea.

Exotic Wedding Cakes

Exotic Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Andrew Malone)

The majority of couples decide to decorate their cake with flowers. In this case, you can use tropical blooms or seasonal species in bright hues. The effect is the same in both situations, only seasonal flowers are more affordable. You can use orchids, plumerias, lotus or leis of different exotic flowers for a truly authentic tropical feel. But if you don’t have the money to invest in imported flowers, choose garden roses, ranunculuses, freesias, peonies, gardenias, poppies or other unique ruffled blooms that can add more romance and vibrancy to the tiers of the cake.

Don’t hesitate to focus on something spicier, like succulents, palm tree leaves, hosta leaves, sage, basil or any other unique herb you like. What do you think of an exotic chocolate flavor for your cake? This choice seems very unique among the classic coconut, lime and other exotic fruit fillings and frostings used in general in tropical-based cakes. Add spice to your chocolate cake like red and cayenne paper and chilies, fennel, cinnamon, ginger or anise. Cherries and strawberries, mango, orange, cranberries and buts are ideal for exotic wedding cakes. Choose a unique mix to add more surprise to your event.


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