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Hot Pink Wedding Cakes

The color of your wedding is more important than you might think. It’s trendy to display a bright color in the décor and even in the food! Modern brides and grooms like this trend and many of them are willing to embrace it. It’s definitely more exciting to host a vibrantly colored wedding and participate at an event of this kind. There are many unique tones and themes you can choose from. But it’s always wiser to choose at least two colors and create a beautiful mix based on the season and formality of your event.

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It’s true that those who are hosting a very dramatic and formal wedding don’t have the same wide array of options to consider as those who decide on a casual wedding have. But since both soft and bold color tones are in vogue, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider darker tones for a formal affair. You can replace the black nuance with a brown or plum – which are warmer alternatives for a wedding.

Hot Pink  Wedding Cakes (Source:

Hot Pink Wedding Cakes (Source:

The classic white can also be replaced with soft shades form the pastel palettes. Off white hues are very popular, especially among romantic brides. So, instead of stark white you can use blush, coral, peach, buttery yellow, ecru, champagne, ivory, beige, sand or even grey. It depends on how bright or refined you want to look. These charming pastels are nowadays used even for bridal dresses! So it wouldn’t be a big surprise for you to see them on wedding cakes! During the last few years the wedding cake has changed from traditional to modern and classy.

The elegance of a modern wedding cake is in its simplicity and finesse of the icing and details. The color plays a significant role in the decoration of a wedding cake. It’s always indicated to use the same hues you used for the theme for the cake. This will make your cake look like part the event. It will be easily interpreted as a piece of the décor or as a beautiful and creative centerpiece of the reception. The color we propose you today is very flashy and strident. We don’t know how many of you would like to use hot pink for their wedding cake!

Hot Pink  Wedding Cakes (Source:

Hot Pink Wedding Cakes (Source:

This tone is eye-catchy and very, very intense. This is why we think that not everybody can stand or taste it. Hot pink is great for a hot summer wedding. This color can suit perfectly well cheerful and casual receptions. We recommend hot pink wedding cakes to young brides and grooms who want to experience a more joyful and tropical wedding. Hot pink is exotic and it resembles perfectly well the exotic fuchsia nuance. Hot pink and black wedding cakes are stunning!  


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