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Wedding Couple Cake Topper

The custom of wedding cake toppers is not an old custom. Various types of small figurines have become popular only after the Second World War. What is so special about these miniature cake accessories? The classical shape of these items is the small representation of the bride and groom on the top of the wedding cake.

It is a popular way in which one can express the concept of Togetherness, Unity, Love and Devotion. We make a promise to keep our life partner in our hearts for many years. We are expressing not only our emotions, but our personalities as well. The relationship is legalized in a social environment, where everyone is happy to attend our wedding. The toppers ensure the possibility of making a unique wedding atmosphere.

“This is how we are as a couple!” – say the mini figurines on the wedding cake. The bride and groom are the original, traditional topper type for a wedding ceremony. It’s an elegantly traditional way in which we can show our commitment to each other as a married couple. We assume the responsibility of our common life, of our love promise. It seems to be a beautiful, heart touching custom in which honor and devotion have a special role. We take our wedding oath seriously. We belong together. That’s why married couples need to share their life, Love makes miracles for them. Love is the unifying force of being. We live together in good and bad times, even if we need to get involved in separate, individual activities as well. There must be an individual ME in every WE relationship.

The married couple toppers could be of different types and sizes, with different prices and shapes provided but they got one particular aspect in common: they determine the guests to focus their attention on the bride and groom. This is the reason of their worldwide popularity. The concept of Togetherness may have both a traditional and a modern, contemporary way of representation. The figurines are personalized according to various styles and personality types. Each item is individual and unique as design. The popular material is porcelain, but we can find edible toppers representing the bride and groom together as well. It`s up to you!

Google around the Internet, and find a contemporary or traditional symbol of your endless love! Wedding accessory stores offer you a wide variety of cake topper styles, usually with the possibility making an online order and follow online payment steps. Think of you and your fiance as a couple and you`ll find the perfect idea regarding your representation as a couple. You may decide to choose from elegant, stylish or even funny solutions. This may be an endless way to express your common hobbies and your generally view upon life. These toppers are popular due to a certain freedom of design and creation that characterizes them. They are unique, they got a sense of romance or humor and they represent You as a couple.

Please take care of their originality, don`t try to save money on this wedding ceremony detail! Act wisely when it comes to their use, as they have to harmonize with your wedding theme. This means that the whole wedding atmosphere, including your rings, dresses and music must be consistent with each other and with the wedding cake that you might choose. There is an endless freedom in what concerns their placement as well. You may put them on the guest book table for example but in most cases they are placed o the wedding cake! Both a table and cake decoration items are allowed and required to be used. Your wedding planner will help you deal with details. How is the major atmosphere of your wedding? Do you want an elegant, a romantic or a funny look? This is how this mini statues have to be chosen.

Your wedding cake is not an ordinary one either. You are not used to eating wedding cakes every day, are you? Just consider your topper choice wisely! Have you made up your mind? Will you preserve tradition or just cheer up your wedding guests? If you are an optimistic couple, humor is allowed, of course. The cake cutting moment is an important part of your wedding ceremony. The guests are happy to take part in your joy and satisfaction. They want to share your emotions, your hope and your happiness. Take a lot of pictures!11

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