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The Logo game has millions of fans all over the world and not only kids. The first Lego was designed in 1940 in Denmark, since then the complexity of this game captivated both grown up and children all over the world. The Lego Group has released a variety of themes from town, cities, robots, trains, castles, space, buildings. Sophisticated designs can be made from Lego pieces, famous buildings like Taj Mahal that has 5,922 pieces and many others. Some people are passionate about this game, spending hours building things from Lego pieces.

If you love this game then for your wedding cake you can choose a Lego style topper, or you can make from Lego pieces the kind of topper you want, the one that will best match with your theme wedding. The Lego topper is an alternative to the classical bride and groom topper and it is a great for a non-formal wedding. The Lego cake topper will attract the attention of your guests, it is not the kind of topper you see often. You can create a butterfly from Lego pieces, two doves, a heart, a car, or any design you want according to the theme of your wedding. You can buy the bride and groom Lego style cake topper from many websites like etsy, eBay, amazon, just cake toppers, off beat bride, my personal artist, magic mud and from many other websites. The Lego topper can be made from porcelain, glass, plastic, sugar, chocolate, fondant, crystal. The Lego bride and groom topper looks cute, joyful and will impress your guests. The Lego topper can be customized to match with your theme wedding, you can select the colors you want, the size.

Wedding Cake Toppers Lego

Wedding Cake Toppers Lego (Source:

If you future spouse is a Lego fan then you can surprise him with a Lego topper for your wedding cake. You can choose a classical bide and groom Lego topper, a cute Lego topper or any other figurine, a funny Lego topper in any shape you want. You can find a large selection on many websites. The Lego topper can be placed on a classical white wedding cake, or the wedding cake can also be custom made to resemble Lego pieces, a wedding cake in colorful square layers like a Lego. You can order a Lego wedding cake made from many slices just like Lego pieces. You can place the Lego figurines on the top layer of your wedding cake, at the center layer or at the bottom layer of the cake. The wedding cake can look like a Lego video game, colorful and with many decorations.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers (Source:

You can order the Lego cake topper from ericharsh barger website, where you will find a large collection of interesting and unique cake topper including Lego cake toppers.11

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