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Unusual Wedding Cakes

If you’re a 2012 couple you get the chance to try new trends and experience inedited wedding ideas. This sounds like so much fun, especially for those who are looking for innovative ways of making their wedding stand out among other family or friends’ weddings. It’s not that difficult to plan an original wedding, at least not today when the range of themes & styles is so generous and sophisticated. You can make your wedding look like anything you’ve dreamed of. So don’t hesitate to follow your vision and make it come true.

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You can count on the help of our talented wedding designers. They have the power to transform a simple plain wedding on a budget into an amazing unforgettable event for you and your guests. If you can’t afford to hire a specialist wedding planner or stylists you can at least get inspired from the precious wedding projects promoted by our designers. They have wonderful ideas you can play in for your own wedding. Feel free to subscribe to one of the many styles they feature in their portfolios. Let’s talk about unusual themes and designs for wedding cakes.

Unusual Wedding Cakes (Source:

Unusual Wedding Cakes (Source:

This subject is very attractive, especially to those who are interested in all things whimsy, unconventional and one of a kind. The wedding cake has the privilege of being the star of the evening as it is the highlight of the party. This item deserves to steal the attention of all attendants because it is the most savory and elegant centerpiece of the reception. To make it steal the show you have to go for a truly unique design. If you don’t have a big budget to use for a sophisticated confection you can always purchase a simple white cake from a local store and decorate it on your own.

Unusual Wedding Cakes (Source:

Unusual Wedding Cakes (Source:

You will be surprised to see just how many beautiful DIY projects are available for you. It’s always more fun and satisfactory to decorate your own wedding cake according to your personal taste and imagination. If you are gifted with a deep sense of creativity don’t hesitate to use it. You can create the decorations yourself or choose pre-made items and use them the way your imagination dictates you to. You can use fresh flowers, edible decorations or crafty details. Use a unique symbol or theme to make the cake look more expressive and artistic. Anything like the Eiffel Tower shape or texture can work in this sense. Chinese inspired cake made in red with intricate floral patterns can also fit. Try the Black and White Swan theme. We assure you your cake will look magnificent in this theme! Cupcake, mini cake, cheese and doughnut cakes are other unusual cake alternatives for you.


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